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Odyssea Marine places safety at the forefront of the workplace and commends our employees for doing the same.

Our Company Objectives

We are committed to providing excellent service at a fair price to all of our customers.
Continuously improve the safety management skills of personnel ashore and aboard vessels, including preparing for emergencies related both to safety and environmental protection
Provide for safe practices in vessel operation and a safe working environment

Safety Statement

It is the policy of Odyssea Marine to provide healthy and safe working conditions, and to maintain a safe and pollution-free operating practice that complies with national and international regulations and relevant standards and guidelines.

Odyssea Marine supports the use of STOP WORK AUTHORITY and reminds all employees that everyone has a right to stop the job if it seems unsafe. The ultimate goal is to find a safer way to complete the job if hazards are found. All “Stop the Job” events are fully supported by all shore side departments.

Safety Vision

Odyssea Marine’s goal is to provide our employees with the safest possible working environment.

We believe that safety is a full circle of responsibility which flows though all areas of the company returning to the point in which it started. We believe that a full ‘360 Degrees of Safety’ is required to achieve our standards that the health and safety of people is valued above all else. If at any time the circle is broken, then our commitment to providing the safest possible working environment is compromised.

To ensure the integrity of ‘360 Degrees of Safety’, this attitude is embraced by Odyssea Marine’s executive management team who then shares the same philosophy to all other members of our organization, as well as our investors, vendors and customers.

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